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Bronze Aussie October Update

Its hard to miss this months update to Bronze Aussie. Whilst the new air intakes look like air-conditioning ducts we can assure you these are needed to get enough air into the engine to power the massive engine.These will feed air from lowdown in the nose of the car. This will be more aerodynamically efficent than feeding the air from high up.

The dash has also been fitted and shaped to fit snuggly agaisnt the rest of the body. The front window template has been cut to size. Whilst the window is quite small the seating position will allow Lionel to see where he is going.

We will have some more updates later this week on some of the other updates to the car.

Bronze Aussie is proudly sponsored by

Nankervis Performance Boats

Autopro Castlemaine And Kyneton

DNA Custom Paints


Pedders Suspension

Bendigo Truck Centre

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