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Hydraulic Jack System

This rebuild of Bronze Aussie will have very special feature that the team working on the car will get to appreciate very much once it is on four wheel. The car will have its own hydraulic jack system built in. The team have done this to make working on the car much easier, faster and safer. One of the big challenges on the previous version of the car was that as the car is so low to the ground getting a regular jack was underneath it to lift it up was almost impossible. The idea with the inbuilt system that there will be 3 hydraulic rams that will be connected to an external hydraulic pump. The crew will connect the pump when the car needs to be lifted of the ground. This process should enable the car to be lifted off the ground in a few seconds. Whilst it might not be V8 Supercar type speed it will certainly make working on the car between runs much easier.

Bronze Aussie proud sponsors are; Nankervis Performance Boats Autopro Castlemaine And Kyneton DNA Custom Paints Stubtech Pedders Suspension Bendigo Truck Centre Harley Central Daylesford NewsXpress Effective Electrics Lionel West Fabrication


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