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Mid - October Update

Another couple of weeks of solid progress on Bronze Aussie has resulted in a number of important jobs being completed.

The team have completed the window support bars, These are crucially important as the pressure on the front window of the car will cause the Perspex window to flex quite considerably. The support bars will ensure that the flexing is reduced to a minimum. from this photo you can also see the work that has gone into the dash area to fit the intake manifold.

The parachute release and lever and parachute tubes have also been completed. Whilst getting up to speed is important its just as important to be able to slow the car. The parachutes are custom made for the car by Stroud and will be packed within the large tubes extending from the boot of the car. The rear spoiler is also completed. this is adjustable and whilst we looking for as little drag as possible it is important to make sure that the car has some downforce across the rear to make sure the wheels stay planted at speed. The endplates on the spoiler are also designed to keep the car in a straight line during runs.

We would also like thank Castlemaine Hydraulics for supplying the safety valves for the hydraulic jacks we will be using to lift the car.

Bronze Aussie is proudly sponsored by

Nankervis Performance Boats

Autopro Castlemaine And Kyneton

DNA Custom Paints


Pedders Suspension

Bendigo Truck Centre

Harley Central

Daylesford NewsXpress

Effective Electrics

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