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Bronze Aussie started life as a test car for the new VR Holden in the early 1990’s. The shell was donated by Holden for the project. The car runs in the AA/FALT class and is currently the world record holder in this class by achieving a speed of 273 mph.


Powering Bronze Aussie is a 572 cubic inch fuel injected Big Block V8. The car runs a full Motec injection system and runs on Methanol. This system is hooked up to a series of sensors monitoring all aspects of the massive engine. Data is also collected from each run and can be analysed for improved performance.


The internals of the engine are built to be as strong and light as possible. One of the trickiest aspects of Land Speed Racing is the length of each run. Unlike drag racing which is a 400 m sprint, Bronze Aussie must holds its speed over a timed 1 mile split. Each run is roughly 7 miles by the time the car is fully wound up and slowed down.


About the car

Bronze Aussie In the Pits at Speedweek 2014
Bronze Aussie 1 piece bonnet and splitter



The VR commodore shape was chosen due to the small frontal area & low drag coefficient. The VR is regarded as having the best aerodynamic shape of any commodore produced. One of the biggest challenges in achieving high speeds is the wind resistance (or the drag) of the car and thus the VR is the perfect shape. The paint is DNA™ Custom Paints Metallic BaZecoat™– Bondi Bronze, and the GM/DNA Bonnet Mural was painted by Ryan Ford from DNA™ Custom Paints.




The rules as to which the specs Bronze Aussie runs, allows for the engine to be offset back 25%. The under tray of the car is also extended most of the way under the car creating a smooth surface for the air to flow underneath. Modifications to the headlights, front spoiler and air intake have also been made to make the airflow as smooth as possible around the front of the car.

The shell is dropped onto a custom built chassis designed to give zero twist. A Ford 9” inch diff has been fitted which incorporates a quick change box to allow rear end ratios' to be changed quickly and easily. A Jericho 5 speed gear box handles the massive amount power (well in excess of 1000 horsepower). A custom built front end ensures that the car points in a straight line at high speed. The car has fully adjustable shock absorbers and springs to adjust the ride height.

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