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Bronze Aussie Diff Strengthening Work

VR Commodore - Bronze Aussie – Rear diff strengthening. Bronze Aussie World’s Fastest 4 Door Car high speed salt racer re-build update. One of the many jobs Lionel and the team are going through is strengthening up the rear-end.

So much torque & power is loaded through the running gear on the Bronze Aussie from the 1200 hp Nankervis engine and when pushing through the air/wind at high speed the rear differential (diff) is loaded up even more becoming a weak point.

Part owner and driver Lionel West calculated about 2000lb of load is put through the diff at 200mph in Bronze Aussie and a diff will bend and break loaded at 3000lb.

With that much load/pressure going through the diff it first starts to move and get out of shape causing toe-in and toe-out on the back wheels so a special housing, built to the shaped of the diff is needed to brace and hold the diff making it firmer.

The Bronze Aussie’s diff will also be shortened with bigger hubs added allowing Bronze Aussie to run bigger wheel bearings, eliminating previous problems keeping the rear hubs and bearing snug after runs.

Please follow and share Bronze Aussie’s journey/build through-out 2019 and together towards 300mph in 2020 – Add your name to Bronze Aussie roof;

We sincerely thank all family friends, sponsors, supporters and welcome new.

Bronze Aussie proud sponsors are;

Autopro Castlemaine And Kyneton DNA Custom Paints Stubtech Nankervis Performance Boats Pedders Suspension Bendigo Truck Centre Harley Central Daylesford NewsXpress Effective Electrics Lionel West Fabrication

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