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Bronze Aussie To Be Rebuilt

Well it's been awhile since we have given an update on Bronze Aussie. As we last reported the car spun and rolled over at Lake Gairdner as part of DLRA Speedweek in mid- March. This rollover occurred at over 270mph (434k/ph). To recap Lionel walked away from the accident 100% ok, however the car did sustain a large amount of damage. Post the accident the team has taken a full assessment of the car and whilst there was a significant amount of damage to the external areas of the car, the driver containment area and roll cage have fared very well for such a big accident.The picture below shows the some of the damage to the car.

Over the past couple of months the team has had a lot of things to sort out and evaluate before we made the next decision on what we do with the Bronze Aussie

The great news we are able to share is that there are plans for Bronze Aussie to return to Dry Lakes Racers Australia Speedweek. At this stage the team is aiming for the car to be a Speedweek 2020. Bronze Aussie will be lower , longer and sleeker. This should lead to better Aerodynamic efficiency and a better chance of getting to the 300mph goal.

As a start to the project we have a donor car that will go towards making up the new Bronze Aussie bodywork. Work had already started on stripping the donor car in preparation.

We will be providing more updates as the build progresses

We would like to thank our sponsors for 2018 Stubtech Nankervis Performance Boats Pedders Suspension Bendigo Truck Centre Harley Central Daylesford NewsXpress Effecive Electrics Lionel West Fabrications

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