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Thursday Afternoon Run

We have some bad news from the Salt. Bronze Aussie had a run late yesterday afternoon. The car passed through the 4 mile marker at 267mph and was pushing faster. Between the 4th & 5th mile the car has spun. This has caused the car to roll over. Lionel walked away from the rollover and is 100% ok. It is testimate to the construction of the car that he was able to walk away from this high speed incident Unfortunately Bronze Aussie has sustained significant damage. The team will evalute and provide an update once they have had a chance to inspect the car further back at home. We would like to thank the DLRA and the emergency crews who helped out after the accident. The Bronze Aussie team would like to thank all of of sponsors , Stubtec, Nankervis Performance Boats, Pedders , Bendigo Truck Center , Harley Central, Daylesford Newsxpress, Effective Electrics and Lionel West Fabrications. Without these fantasic sponsors we wouldnt have been able to chase the 300mph dream in this car. We would also like to thank all of our supporters who have sent through their messages of support over this journey. We will provide more of an update once the team has returned home 

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