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Chasing Zephyr Interview

Check out the cool interview and video about Bronze Aussie put together by Chasing Zephyr at Dry Lakes Racers Australia Speedweek 2017. This was taken just prior to Lionel taking the car out for one of the runs.

Chasing Zephyr is an upcoming documentary series revolving around a group of people journeying from Melbourne to London by car, kite-surfing, exploring freedom, and experiencing everything the countries we go through have to offer. The guys travelled to Lake Gairdner and were blown away by the event and especially Bronze Aussie.

The Bronze Aussie Team would like to thank the following supporters and sponsors for 2017 Stub Tec Nankervis Performance Boats Pedders Suspension Harley Central Bendigo Truck Centre Daylesford NewsXpressress Effective Electrical Lionel West Fabrication

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